Innerlight Research, LLC offers consulting services to health care professionals for the development and implementation of quality Reiki and energy work research.

Includes Therapeutic Touch (TT), Healing Touch (HT) and other biofield therapies.

Energy Work Research and Project Planning

We offer expertise in all phases of study development. Work with us to avoid known design pitfalls and conduct a rigorous energy work investigation, especially using Reiki for patient-centered outcomes. Business plan and development services for integrative health programs are available!

Reiki Clinical Trial Implementation

You will benefit from over ten years of Reiki research experience that includes seamless protocol development through clinical site implementation.

...And Much More!

Grant Review, Ethical Conduct for Energy Work Studies Consultation, Speaker’s Bureau and Research Dissemination…

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I have known Dr. Anne Vitale for several years.   She is an excellent researcher.  Dr. Vitale has advised me with two Reiki research clinical studies and is a consummate professional.   I am proud to be her co-investigator for a Reiki investigation we are conducting on the effects of Reiki and post-operative pain management.   Dr. Vitale is knowledgeable with both quantitative and qualitative designs applied to energy work conducted in clinical settings.  She is a pleasure to work with as both a consultant and a colleague.  As a doctoral student, I found her Reiki research publications to be informative and contain all of the guidelines needed to conduct a quality energy work investigation.
Elizabeth Degnan Kryak, MSN, RN-BC, Reiki Master Teacher