Innerlight Research, LLC evolved from my own Reiki practice and over a decade of experience as a grant-funded Reiki investigator and research consultant. I resonate with the growing number of health care professionals who long for the integration of energy work into traditional health care for caring-healing environments.  I am honored to be an expert Reiki practitioner with personal knowing that these practices can transform whole person healing.

We are guided by the light…

Innerlight Research and Energy Work Philosophy

Consulting services are rendered with reverence to the ideology that disease or disharmony can occur if there is an imbalance in the human body’s energetic network. Conversely, Reiki and other energy practitioners believe that balance, health and harmony can result when vibrational energy patterns are maintained or restored.

The regular use of energy work modalities can result in greater access to one’s inner healer to restore wholeness, comfort, harmony and overall well-being. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) classifies Reiki, therapeutic touch and healing touch as biofield therapies. Available
biofield research indicates that energy work moves the human system in the direction of relaxation, which is connected to health and healing.

Innerlight Research and Energy Work in Patient Care 

Many health care providers are turning to integrative health strategies to create a holistic approach in traditional health care, in sync with growing consumer demand. Hospitals and other settings are beginning to offer Reiki services to help patients relieve pain, stress, anxiety, depression and address other issues.

On the other hand, there is only a small amount of research evidence in the peer-reviewed literature that can be used to promote energy work services. It is well-known that in the past, many energy work research studies were poorly designed and did not produce useful data. In fact, the utility of using Reiki in
patient care and in self-care is still largely anecdotal. Reiki and other energy work clinical trials must be conducted using sound research methods towards building a base of scientific evidence.

Innerlight Research will help guide your successful research journey!