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A key reason why little empirical evidence exists today for Reiki and other energy work research is because many completed studies lack full compliance with basic research process, methods and ethics.

Dr. Vitale is an experienced Reiki/energy work researcher and can strengthen your study in the crucial areas of protocol design for study implementation in fast-paced health care environments.  Services that can help support your successful study, such as grant review consultation and project direction are offered by Innerlight Research.  Consultation services about how to start and sustain energy work services in traditional settings are also available.

Protocol Development

Research protocols outline study goals, methodology, expected outcomes, data management, ethical considerations and how study procedures will be used in the investigation.  Working with Innerlight Research for Protocol Development services includes thorough attention to:

  •   Equity assurance in sampling plan

  •   Study controls for outcome results

  •   Study blinding techniques for conducting research in clinical environments

  •   Reiki treatment protocol standardization

  •   Outcome measurement instruments

  •   Sham protocol guidance when using experimental designs

  •   Appropriate analyses for your investigation
  •   Data collection endpoints

  •   Qualitative and mixed method design services and available!

Dr. Vitale offers the use of a published Reiki protocol that has been duplicated in other Reiki investigations.

Clinical Trial Implementation (All Phases)

A successful study is dependent on rigorous clinical trial implementation.  Setting up and implementing research in contemporary health care environments can be challenging for both novice and expert researchers.  Clinical Trial Implementation services include the following:

  • Site/s selection

  • Selection and/or training of  data collectors, research assistants

  • Statistician recommendations

  • Clinical site set up with protocol schematic for site implementation, i.e. recruitment and flow of patients through clinical departments

  • Project overview meetings with key site personnel

  • Data collection forms

  • Selection/training energy practitioners and/or sham/placebo practitioners

Dr. Vitale offers the use and training of a published sham Reiki protocol that has been duplicated in other Reiki investigations.

Ethical Conduct for Energy Work Studies Consultation

Respect for human subject’s protection is important to conduct rigorous research.  Innerlight Research offers assistance with:

  • Informed consent

  • Waiver of consent (if indicated)

  • HIPPA and PHI compliancy

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) consultation for successful application submission

  • IRB protocol presentation guidance at full board meetings

Speaker’s Bureau and Research Dissemination

  • Evidence-based practice and outcomes with Reiki research

  • Manuscript preparation for completed investigations

  • Study presentation preparation with PowerPoint for research dissemination venues

  • Study abstract preparation for conferences

Dr. Vitale is a respected Reiki nurse researcher.  She has authored and published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences.

Energy Work Program Guidance

Innerlight Research provides assistance in designing and implementing an energy healing practice, including:

  • Designed for traditional health care environments

  • Project direction consultation

  • Business plan development support

  • Develop and sustain a Reiki health care program

Study Personnel Services

  • Principle Investigator

  • Co-investigator

Dr. Vitale has over ten years of experience as principle investigator and co-investigator for Reiki and other energy work investigations.

Grant Review

  • Review research grant funding applications for government and non-profit organization funding sources